Owner Operators

Have everything you need no more than 5 clicks away with REBIM®s Asset Information Management System (AIMS) for owner operators.

Asset Information Management System

It's easy to access and maintain accurate information about the condition of assets

Productive collaboration across teams

Communicate with subcontractors and facility managers in private or group message

ISO 19650, BS-1192 and PAS-1992-5 compliant

To protect sensitive information about the asset and its occupants

Asset Information Management System

REBIM® provides easy access to every piece of information that was uploaded during the project stage and this can be updated and used as an on-going digital record throughout the project’s life cycle.

As a result, you can be confident that facility managers and service technicians are always working with the most up-to-date information. Not only is this important for keeping the building in good condition but is imperative for meeting building safety regulations.  

REBIM Asset Information Management

ISO 19650, BS-1192 and PAS-1192-5 compliant

To help you protect sensitive information about the asset and its occupants, REBIM® is ISO 19650, BS-1192 and PAS-1192-5 compliant.

A security-minded AIMS is especially important for a building that forms part of the critical national infrastructure, is a national landmark or crowded place, or is designed to host evens of security significance. REBIM® will therefore help you to assess potential risks and these can be monitored within the system.

As safety and security regulations change throughout the asset’s lifecycle, the AIMS can be updated to show a digital record of the procedures put in place and the actions taken by the owner operators to mitigate risk.

REBIM Site Documents BS1192 and PAS-1192-5