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Find relevant information within 5 actions or less, no matter how much data

BIM Case Study For The Rail Sector

REBIM® & Signalling Innovation Group, Network Rail

BIM in the Rail Sector

"We are able to put our hands on relevant asset information faster and more intuitively than ever before" ~ Matt Weingarth - Principal Innovations Engineer at Network Rail

Asset and Building Information Model
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The best user experience for digital asset management

Three types of digital asset data in one place

Project Files

Important documents and drawings accessed on demand in your browser

Equipment Lists

Summary of your maintainable equipment data and its properties

3D Models

Virtual, navigable representations of your real-world assets

Everything is connected

REBIM® is to an asset as a black box is to an aircraft. Documents, Messages, Issues and Tasks are all associated to 3D objects and recorded in a log of events. REBIM® uses open data which secures long term preservation and support for the whole lifecycle of your asset.

Why Open Data?

Beautifully simple interface

Understanding the problem


Major capital projects run over budget


Major capital projects run over schedule


Capacity loss due to poor O&M strategy

REBIM® is the solution


Estimated increase in activity speed


Potential reduction in handover time


Efficiency saving across asset lifecycle*

Sources: Government Working Groups Strategy 2011, PwC report.
*Based on PAS 1192

Client testimonials

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DR Robert Plana
We are happy to have a strong partnership with REBIM that represents a flexible and efficient way to build a vibrant Asset Management System fulfilling the very demanding requirements of our customers.

Flexible and efficient

Dr Robert Plana

Chief Technology Officer, Assystem Group

Tony Shooter
We are delighted to be unveiling one of the most advanced innovation portals for the exclusive use of our members - at the event. Creating a tool and resources that will effectively advance drones like never before.

Advanced innovation

Tony Shooter

Chair of Technology, COMIT

Matthew Hack
Successful migration of the construction model to the REBIM® platform enabled us to experience its power as a highly effective tool for rapid access to drawings, documents and structured information

A highly effective tool

Matthew Hack

Asset Manager Metrolink (formerly) at TfGM

Thanks to REBIM we have now found the perfect solution for us to offer our clients a complete digital asset management system which is powered by a 3D model that is easy to use, navigate and edit. This tool allows end users make the most of their BIM asset information model in an efficient and unique style like never before.

The perfect solution

Dominic Sibbring

Director, Digital Engineering Studio

Through the work done by Oliver and the team in bringing our asset data, drawings and laser survey data into a 3D asset information model, we are able to put our hands on relevant asset information faster and more intuitively than ever before

Relevant information faster than before

Matt Weingarth

Principal Innovations Engineer at Network Rail

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