Private Sector

From the initial design stages until build completion and beyond, every piece of data is safely stored and easy to access at any time.

For every stage of the lifecycle

A CDE for clients, designers, contractors and owner operators

Seamless handover

A smooth and secure handover from project stage to AIM

Security minded

Sensitive asset information is protected by ISO 19650 (1-3) and ISO 19650-5

BIM for construction management

A BIM Level 2 common data environment software for clients, designers, contractors and owner operators.

Designed to increase productivity and efficiency through cross-sector collaboration at every stage of the project, from design to completion.

Information is easy to upload, access and share which creates a transparent working environment with clear project progression and project-wide visibility.


BIM for operations & maintenance

An Asset Information Management System (AIMS) where everything you need is no more than 5 clicks away.

Quick access to every piece of information needed during maintenance, that was uploaded during the project stage. it’s easy to update and maintain accurate records throughout the rest of the asset’s life cycle.

Petrol station data using REBIM SharePoint for BIM App.

Smooth and secure handover

REBIM® guarantees a smooth and secure handover from project stage to operations and management.

Every piece of data uploaded by the designers, contractors and sub-contractors during the project stage is readily available to access and update through the AIMS.

This gives you total confidence that no data has been lost or re-entered incorrectly.

REBIM CDE Dashboard

Security minded ISO 19650-1, ISO 19650-2, ISO 19650-3 and ISO 19650-5 Compliant

REBIM® provides the security minded approach that government projects require.

By being ISO 19650-1, ISO 19650-2, ISO 19650-3 and ISO 19650-5 compliant, REBIM® ensures that every piece of information uploaded to the CDE and AIMS is protected.

As you update the AIMS, it acts as a digital record of all the operations and maintenance work that’s taken place, and this can be referred to at any time.

A 2D Computer-Aided Design created using the REBIM construction management software tool.

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