REBIM® Features

REBIM is a powerful web-based ISO 19650 compliant Common Data Environment Software tool for construction professionals and asset owners that reduces costs and downtime by providing critical data about your asset faster from your browser.

Intuitive navigation

A brand new interface that makes it easier than ever to do what you're good at

Productive collaboration

Chat and file-sharing features that allow you to reference any issue in any project

Powerful information

Data is cleverly stored and referenced, so it's more relevant and more accessible

Cloud Collaboration

Share or Private Cloud available up to Official-Sensitive

Common Data Environment

ISO 19650 compliant CDE

Document Management

Configurable Document Control workflows

Customisable Workflows

Create workflows to manage tasks, issues and approvals using any standard

Integrated BIM Viewer

Web-based BIM and 3D model viewing and data linking

Information Delivery Plan

Report against Master Information Delivery Plan (MIDP) and Task Information Delivery Plan (TIDP)

2D and 3D Commenting and Review

Comment and Review 2D, 3D files, images, video and multi-media content

View 3D Reality Capture Files

View and Interact with High Definition 3D Reality Capture models from Laser Scans and Photogrammetry

Intelligent Data Aggregation

Integrate with any system including Microsoft 365, SharePoint and Oracle

Role based access

Assign user access and permissions based on project roles

Multi Tennant

Group projects into multiple tenants for different business units and clients

Enterprise Reporting

Report centrally across multiple projects and sites

Customisable Data Views

Create customisable data models and views to suit different use cases

Powerful Work Scheduler

Schedule all work activities and tasks tied to deliverables and workflows in a calendar view

Integrated MQTT IOT Broker

Integrate real-time IoT devices with 3D model objects using REBIM's integrated MQTT message broker

Manage multiple projects in one place

The intuitive user interface allows you to quickly review your project summary and manage project issues and discussions efficiently.


Track issues and tasks within projects easily

Use the integrated issue tracker to track project issues and tasks, mark-up screenshots and assign actions to your team using the workflow.

SharePoint BIM App

Navigate around your 3D models easily

Automatically navigate from group messages or by selecting items from the list, perfect for non-CAD users who are unfamiliar with navigating 3D tools.

Find data on any object in as few as two steps

Simply select an object from the list or from within the model itself, and the object data will automatically appear in a dedicated properties panel.

Access documents linked to any object

From within the list of objects you can easily open any associated documentation such as PDFs, Images, Word or Excel documents.

Extensive Common Data Environment (CDE) with ISO 19650 document approval workflows. Project progress is measured using deliverables tracking dashboards. Dashboards display the overall completion of a system or workpack.

Always keep updated with live notifications

Activities are streamed to the notifications panel and dashboards are updated instantly ensuring the team is kept up to date, on the move. Updates are also sent to users via email.

REBIM CDE Dashboard

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