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Intelligent data aggregation

Intelligent Data Aggregation

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Enterprise Business Intelligence

Information is easy to access and share among your project team members, anywhere in thw world, using our intuitive user experience

Integrate with any system

Low code connection to multiple systems and data sources

Create your own apps

Create your own business applications using our configurable workflows or develop new custom applications using our API

What is REBIM® intelligent data aggregation?

REBIM® connects data sources together and organises your information using configurable standards such as ISO 19650.

Data from multiple locations including information from external applications can be combined and reused with the internal REBIM® database and utilised with any project or workflow.

Clear Project Progression and Project-wide Visibility

REBIM® creates a transparent working environment that allows cross-sector collaboration across the project’s entire lifespan. Throughout the design and construction phases, teams can update the model to show clear project progression and the entire team becomes immediately aware of any changes made to the model.

This allows for cost and scheduling adaptions to be made accordingly, reducing the risk of running over budget and over schedule.


Low code Integration with any System or repository

Use REBIM®’s built-in API explorer and Data Source tool to read and write data with a wide range of popular data repositories.

REBIM® enables your to integrate your existing applications to create a unique multi-sourced CDE that is ISO 19650 compliant.

Not only does this mean that you can benefit from accessing your existing data within 5 clicks or less, you will also avoid the downside of having to migrate data before you can realise the long term benefits of increased visibility, best in class user experience and improved operational efficiencies.

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