REBIM For SharePoint BIM App

Get your own 2D document and 3D BIM viewer for SharePoint and Office 365 with the REBIM SharePoint BIM App. Opens 2D and 3D BIM files from your organisation’s Microsoft account anywhere on the move.

Develop your own workflows

A CDE for clients, designers, contractors and owner operators

Seamless integration

A smooth and secure handover from project stage to AIM

Security minded

Sensitive asset information is protected by BS1192 and PAS-1192-5

What is the REBIM for SharePoint BIM App?

REBIM for SharePoint BIM App is a purpose built tool that seamlessly integrates and extends the SharePoint and Office 365 functionality. Helping you to transform your existing Microsoft environment into an ISO 19650 compliant CDE. View and manage a range of 2D documents, drawings and 3D BIM file formats direct from your SharePoint list with on-screen measuring, interacting, commenting and mark-up functionality.

REBIM for SharePoint BIM App is a complete package hosted on your own virtual private server. Allowing integration with your organisation’s SharePoint server (on premise) or SharePoint Online and Office 365 account. Options for dedicated server or on premise available.

Manage files stored in SharePoint and in REBIM from a single project

REBIM for SharePoint  enables you to access, view and comment on files stored in your SharePoint library.

Documents stored both locally in REBIM file store and in your SharePoint site can be managed from a single project user interface.

REBIM for SharePoint BIM App

REBIM CDE Dashboard

Interactive dashboards for managing the status of project deliverables

REBIM for SharePoint BIM App includes live interactive dashboards to monitor the status of project deliverables and documents stored both in your SharePoint site and locally in the REBIM file store.

SharePoint BIM App interactive bim project dashboards

App for construction management

Extend your SharePoint environment to be a BIM Level 2 compliant common data environment for complex project delivery.

Use REBIM for SharePoint and Office 365 to collaborate with clients, designers, contractors and owner operators.

Works seamlessly on any device.

Create your own BIM Object Library

Create your very own BIM Object library in SharePoint and load the objects directly in your REBIM scene from anywhere to see instant design updates.

Interact and place content within a 3D scene.

REBIM SharePoint App image

Support popular file formats

Choose from over 20 file formats, including: IFC, FBX, KMZ, GLTF, LWO, AMF, STL and many more. (BIM files, additive manufacturing format, 3D printing files).

Automatically stamp documents using workflows

Use REBIM for SharePoint to automatically stamp documents and drawings using approval workflows to save time by removing manual update processes.

Workflows can be driven using popular workflow engines such as PowerApps, Flow, Nintex Workflow or REBIM‘s internal workflow engine.

Stamps can be configured to meet your drawing sheet template to apply changes to your chosen metadata including status and revision updates.

bim document approval stamping on SharePoint BIM App

Best in class 2D and 3D document mark-up tools

REBIM for SharePoint uses REBIM‘s best in class mark-up tools to comment on 2D and 3D files.

Commenting tools work on any device including mobile touch screen devices.

SharePoint BIM App

Interactive BIM navigation tools

The App includes many interactive features including sectioning tools, measurement and mark-up.

Works on all touch screen devices including tablets, mobile devices and laptops.

Interactive BIM painting

Temporary change asset colours and draw in the scene.

Security minded. ISO 19650 and PAS-1192-5 Compliant

REBIM for SharePoint is a bolt on app that connects directly to your Office 365 SharePoint lists, enabling you to take advantage of REBIM features with a SharePoint platform.

Hosted on your own virtual private server as standard. Option available to host on dedicated hardware or at premises.

Choose your own custom URL address.