About us

We are Azurelope, a technology innovation consultancy. We design intelligent engineering solutions for major infrastructure projects in power and energy, manufacturing, public, commercial and transportation sectors.

BIM Level 2 Handover

We specialise in managing the handover of BIM into Operations and Maintenance for asset owners, and we simplify verification.

Information Management

We specialise in information management for complex projects, information handover and long term data preservation strategy.

Cloud Collaboration

We provide new ways to interact with your data using cloud hosted 3D models, and are experts in providing cloud hosted services.

Built by BIM people

We created REBIM® to provide a simple solution to the complex problem of managing digital assets, whilst aligning with government’s Construction Strategy. We deliver immediate value to our customers through the simple and effective use of technology.

Black and white image of Andy Holt, the founder and managing director of REBIM.
Andrew Holt
Managing Director

Gary Pearce
Gary Peace
Commercial Director

Based on experience

Being Information Management specialists, we understand the need to save time and money during an asset's lifecycle. We help our strategic partners to save by working digitally. This has given us a unique insight when building REBIM Enterprise.
Andrew Holt - Managing Director, Azurelope Ltd

Configuration takes minutes and navigating around REBIM is contextual, meaning the user is only ever presented with relevant options.