REBIM® for Contractors

REBIM® is security minded cross-sector BIM construction collaboration software. It's designed to increase productivity and efficiency through a common data environment.

Cross-sector Collaboration

Information is easy to access and share among project team members from the initial design stages right through to build completion

ISO 19650-1, ISO 19650-2, ISO 19650-3 and ISO 19650-5 compliant

A security minded approach that protects sensitive asset information and personnel data

Project-wide Visibility

A transparent working environment shows clear project progression and ensures everyone is working with the most up-to-date information

ISO 19650 and ISO 19650-5 Compliant

As a security minded digital asset management software, REBIM® is ISO 19650-1, ISO 19650-2, ISO 19650-3 and ISO 19650-5 compliant. Not only does this reduce the risk of loss or disclosure of sensitive information such as personnel data and asset information but it also builds trust with stakeholders.

For high profile projects, being ISO 19650-1, ISO 19650-2, ISO 19650-3 and ISO 19650-5 compliant can give a competitive advantage and impact global positioning in the international construction market.  


Collaborative Common Data Environment

REBIM® enables you to work collaboratively with clients, designers, subcontractors and owners at every stage of the project lifestyle.

Extensive Common Data Environment (CDE) with ISO 19650 document approval workflows. Project progress is measured using deliverables tracking dashboards that are organised by system.

This gives the team confidence that expectations are aligned during the design stage and going forward into the construction stage, you can be sure that subcontractors and suppliers are aligning to ISO 19650 and the UK BIM Framework with the information supplied in the CDE.

Clear Project Progression and Project-wide Visibility

REBIM® creates a transparent working environment that allows cross-sector collaboration across the project’s entire lifespan. Throughout the design and construction phases, teams can update the model to show clear project progression and the entire team becomes immediately aware of any changes made to the model.

This allows for cost and scheduling adaptions to be made accordingly, reducing the risk of running over budget and over schedule.


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