Kitchen Island

Architects And Designers Can Now Share Design In The Cloud With REBIM

What's so special about our 3D viewer?

Invite your clients to view your design in the cloud using REBIM’s simple to navigate 3D viewer. REBIM® makes it easier for your clients to view your 3D designs by using the automatic navigation features.

Simply start a collaborative group thread about any aspect of your 3D model and the thread will be associated with the object. Selecting this thread will automatically select the item revealing the object data and navigate the view towards to object. This is perfect for clients or any user who will may not be familiar with navigating the 3D model. You can create any number of threads to assist with navigation.

Kitchen Worktop

Your clients and other collaborators can then add comments or mark-up screenshots and raise issues with the design. Issues and tasks are tracked in the cloud and send out email notifications. You can view recent activity and new issues and tasks on the dashboard or you can navigate to the project details.